News - Master 4 points of Kids Game Machine maintenance knowledge to make the operation of the venue easier

Nowadays, indoor children’s playgrounds are the most important entertainment venues for children, and indoor children’s playgrounds are often crowded, which can easily lead to equipment loss or damage. A successful indoor children’s playground needs to be improved and done in all aspects. Work preparation. Regular maintenance of Kids Game Machine can also extend the service life and bring you benefits. At the same time, the safety of consumers is also beneficially guaranteed.


The first step: regular inspections.

Equipment maintenance personnel should regularly check whether the equipment voltage and current value are normal, whether the equipment seat is intact, whether the motor and its fixing bolts are abnormal, etc.

The second step: regular maintenance.

Maintenance personnel of Kids Game Machine should regularly add lubricating oil to the equipment to reduce wear and tear during operation. The equipment should be operated by a dedicated person, and non-professionals should not move it to avoid unnecessary accidents.


The third step: the equipment conducts trial operation.

During the trial operation, check whether there is any abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment; whether the travel switch is normal; whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit system, etc. If there is a fault, it must be repaired by a dedicated person, and do not disassemble the parts at will. All inspections can only start operation if the equipment is normal.

The fourth step: safety protection.

For the hidden safety hazards discovered during the operation of the equipment, the operation should be stopped immediately and the hidden hazards should be eliminated in time, and the machine must not be allowed to run with diseases. Each large-scale amusement equipment should have a different emergency plan, so that the tourists can be evacuated in time after a dangerous situation to ensure the safety of the tourists, and safety protection measures should be taken when necessary.

Post time: Sep-16-2021