News - Indispensable knowledge for the daily maintenance of the Claw Crane Machine

Operating a good Claw Crane Machine is also a way to make money. The quality of the machine directly affects whether the business is booming. Although there is after-sales service, it will affect the normal operation. Do not pay attention to daily maintenance. If the machine has problems, no one will manage it. There are fewer people playing, and only by ensuring the good condition of the machine can there be stable income. Therefore, daily maintenance is essential. Today, Gu Wei takes everyone to see what maintenance knowledge businesses need to know.


When the coin cannot be put in, it may be that the coin slot is damaged or the game coin is selected too tightly. The potentiometer above should be adjusted appropriately. Turn clockwise to make it loose, and turn counterclockwise to make it tight. Pay attention when twisting Do not cause additional damage. When the Claw Crane Machine does not respond after coin insertion, consider the reason for choosing the game coin to be too loose, the same as the above method, or check whether the switch of the coin acceptor is turned on, sometimes the switch is turned off due to various reasons, and check the trigger time Whether the switch is on. When the paw reaches the lower end and cannot rise up, check whether the micro switch on the crown block is sensitive. When the claw is caught in mid-air, consider whether the micro switch is damaged or the spring under the hardware is insufficient. When the paw does not move after coin insertion, consider whether the connection on the rocker of the machine is normal, or the fuse on the power supply is malfunctioning, and the crane should be moved to the middle of the machine with the power supply turned off, and then the power supply should be turned on and observe Whether the crane can return to the top of the exit.


When the crane automatically starts to move after coin insertion, it is considered that the joystick or the main board is damaged. During the use of the Claw Crane Machine, some people use excessive force, which will cause the internal damage of the joystick. Open the inside and unplug the automatic A line in the moving direction, if the test returns to normal, just replace a joystick jog; when it is confirmed that there is no problem with the joystick, check the motherboard, first remove the joystick connection, and then try to see if the fault exists. To see if the motor of the crane can work normally, the four front, rear, left, and right sides must be tested. If the problem is still not solved, a motherboard must be replaced.

When the crane is not at the position above the exit after power on, and the display shows 01 and keeps flashing, it is considered that there is a problem with the binding belt, and the door of the crane machine should be opened first, shut down, and check whether the binding belt above the crane is completely removed . When the Claw Crane Machine cannot be energized normally, check the switch to see if the wiring is normal, there is no open circuit, and the contact is good, then check the power box indicator, if the normal power supply light is on, change another power box to check whether there is a problem, because The voltage provided by the power supply box is in a range, you can use the potentiometer to adjust, and then check the main board, if the light is on, change to another main board to check whether the main board is normal.

Post time: Sep-06-2021