News - how to win at crane machines

Playing game machines such as claw machines depends more on luck. If you are lucky, you can make a catch; if you are unlucky, the tens of dollars can only be lost. But is it all about luck? In fact, there are some skills in catching dolls. Today, I will share with you the skills of the crane machine.

crane machines

1. Check the location of the doll:

The common problem of many crane machines now is that the grip is not enough, so don’t go if it is too far from the doll outlet. If there are many crane machines in the crane machine shop, pay attention to the machine where the doll is close to the window.

2. Pay attention to the dolls that others are catching:

There is still a lot of people in the crane machine store. Not only us, but others will also grab the doll. Check it behind others to see how well the gripping force lasts and how long it lasts. Different machine settings are different.

3. See if the doll is easy to grab:

If the strength is good, you also need to look at the shape of the dolls in the set to see if they can bear the force. For some suede and round dolls, the difficulty of grasping must be relatively large.
4. Most of the dolls are grabbed according to the number of times:

Many crane machines set a fixed number of times. You can pay attention to the crane machines around you. If you see someone holding the doll all the time, but they have not been hooked, they have left, and the doll just happens to be very close to the window, so hurry up and go.

Post time: Apr-11-2022