News - How to make your kids amusement park more colorful!

1. Theme style
There are various theme styles of children's amusement park decoration, such as ocean, forest, candy, space, ice and snow, cartoon and so on. Before decoration, comprehensive consideration and investigation must be made to determine which type children prefer, so as to determine the theme style of the park. After the style is determined, the amusement equipment and site decoration should be designed around the theme, so that the whole children's amusement park can have the overall visual style, and there will be no sense of clutter.

2. Color matching
The decoration of children's paradise in color and space with the best bright, relaxed, pleasant as the direction of choice, may as well be more contrast color. In order to distinguish the space effect of different functions, the transition color can generally choose white. Design the space of children's paradise in colorful, not only suitable for children's naive psychology, but also can attract their attention for the first time, so that the amusement park looks more healthy and colorful.

3. Health and safety
Although many children's amusement parks should be decorated with safety facilities, the first thing to consider is to provide safe facilities for children. Therefore, in the decoration of children's paradise, the materials should be environmentally friendly and should not contain toxic substances or irritating smell; the wires should not be exposed outside; the equipment should be well protected by soft bags and protective nets; the edges and corners should be round or curved.

4. Characteristic innovation
Decoration must not blindly imitate other styles. It is necessary to combine the size and market situation of children's paradise to create its own decoration style through reference + Innovation + breakthrough, so as to give customers a deeper impression, thus forming brand effect and having more passenger flow.

5. Overall atmosphere
The environmental atmosphere is built around the concept of education in fun, which shows the colorful environmental concept of children's paradise. In every space of the park, the function and goal of children's paradise should be emphasized from the aspects of color matching, material selection and overall layout, especially in the aspect of color and tone, so as to meet the aesthetic needs of children's soul.
Generally speaking, the decoration design of children's paradise is mainly based on the actual needs of the site, reasonable layout, attention to decoration style, color, etc., not only to consider the overall effect, but also to fully reflect its own characteristics.



Post time: Dec-15-2020