News - How to invest in children's game consoles

The investment profit of children’s game machines (Claw Crane Machine, Kiddie Ride) is extremely high, and the current rapid growth space has indeed brought profits to many friends. However, people who are in contact with children’s game consoles for the first time may not understand the investment channel, and often the direction of investment and procurement will deviate and enter a misunderstanding.


How to invest in children’s game consoles.

First, the selection of products. Not a new type of children’s game machine is suitable, and a suitable children’s game machine should be selected according to the actual situation of the venue. Many customers are more optimistic about the new children’s game consoles, which is not wrong, the new products are indeed more competitive. However, for sites with few products, there is a large space for products to choose from, and it is more reliable for customers who have just invested to choose products with relatively stable operation.

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Second, the planning of the site. It is not that the more children’s game consoles, the better, and should be reasonably matched. Most of the products are the stay time that can more attract tourists to play, but it should be reasonably matched according to the size of the venue, and a channel should be reserved for each product for tourists to watch, which will more attract tourists’ interest and increase profitability.

Third, the way of business. The mode of operation should be flexible and changeable to suit the needs of tourists. Instead of a single ticket sales business, you can sell monthly cards and package tickets, and then you can hold some preferential activities or prizes on holidays, which can improve regional brand awareness and increase the turnover of children’s game consoles.

Post time: Apr-01-2022