News - How to choose the location of the Claw Crane Machine to make money

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to start a business. For example, the Claw Crane Machine is a more profitable tool. Entrepreneurial minds are all investing in it. But where is the most profitable place, the flow of people is a problem, so we must analyze it.

GraClaw-Crane-game-machinend shopping mall. In the center of a city or region, there is the largest flow of people. Everyone is not just for shopping, but also for leisure. Under normal circumstances, it will start to grab the first time with the mentality of trying. If you can catch the Plush toys, it will be a very lucky thing. People also like to keep trying to find the fun. All in all, there are more opportunities where there is a large flow of people, and the chance of people grabbing them is higher.


Large-scale cultural and entertainment venues. There is a large flow of people in entertainment venues. Plush toys grabbing is an entertainment project in itself. You can grab a plush toys with a coin. If you can grab your beloved plush toys, you will not miss this trip. For example: inside movie theaters or exits, KTV, large parks, playgrounds, etc. Children who go to the amusement park will take the adults who they like, and the adults will satisfy the little wishes of the children and see which ones the children like to catch. Most of the people who come to the cinema to watch movies are couples. Most of the girls like plush toys. This entertainment activity can kill the boring waiting time before the movie starts, and you can also add some happiness after watching the movie. If you work with the object to grab the plush toys , It can also enhance the relationship between the two, which is why the claw machine is often placed in the cinema. It’s the same reason for placing them in KTVs. These places with a lot of people, mostly couples, and recreational entertainment are all suitable places.

Post time: Sep-11-2021