News - claw crane machine with a similar appearance, why the price is different

Many customers may have found that the price of the claw crane machine on the market is uneven, even if the same claw crane machine is quoted completely different from different game machine manufacturers. Why does this happen? The specific situation of this difference can be introduced from four aspects, namely the chassis quality of the claw crane machine, the main board of the claw crane machine, the claw crane machine crane, and the after-sales of the claw crane machine.

claw crane machine

1. claw crane machine crane

The crane crane is an important part after the main board in the operation of the crane, and the quality of the crane depends on the induction fretting used on the crane, followed by the motor speed. The induction micro-motion of the claw crane machine determines the operation stability of the claw crane machine. Whether the customer’s experience is good or not depends mostly on the motor speed of the crane.

2. The main board of the claw crane machine

There are many kinds of mainboards of the claw crane machine. Whether the machine runs stably or not, the mainboard plays a major role. If a good mainboard is used, the stability of the claw crane machine operation is stronger.

Generally, manufacturers have integrated market rules and adjusted all functions before leaving the factory. After the claw crane machine arrives at the venue, you only need to set how many coins to play once according to the local consumption level, and then adjust the strength and weakness according to the size of the selected doll. Grip will do.

3. claw crane machine case

We know that the claw crane machine mainly relies on the appearance and exquisite gifts in the machine to attract customers to consume, and the appearance is mainly reflected in the chassis.

Cases that look the same size and look similar are actually quite different. The industry generally divides the chassis into three types, namely ordinary chassis, luxury chassis and plastic chassis. Ordinary chassis, the material used is slightly worse, although there are light strips, but it cannot change color; luxury chassis, the material is slightly better, and LED light strips are used, and the color can be changed; More light, when matched with LED light strips, the beauty of the whole machine is even better!

4. Claw machine craft

Even if the chassis, main board and crane used by the claw crane machine are the same, the products of different manufacturers are still different. The claw crane machine basically relies on manual assembly. When purchasing the machine, we often only pay attention to the appearance, but how is the internal wiring? Is the layout reasonable? The claw crane machine is handled well, not only the failure rate of the machine will be greatly reduced, but also maintenance. Very convenient and fast.

Post time: Feb-28-2022